The Lifestyle Ledger

verifiedThe Lifestyle Ledger™ is copyright protected and patent pending – Veracode verified in December 2013.

Software for People in the Business of Caring!

The Lifestyle Ledger, designed by an administrator with over 15 years of hands-on-experience, addresses the many challenges and facets associated with assisted living communities. Created for the assisted living model, it is also a practical solution for other residential care settings and home health agencies. It is the software for people in the business of caring.

The ledger becomes a great tool for communication and discovery, along with operation and service allowing your clients to attain their optimal well-being.

Increase Client Length of Stay

What is your organization’s average client length of stay? What is your organization’s average monthly fee? How much would your organization profit by extending a client’s stay by a week, a month, a year…? What are you doing to increase your client’s length of stay? The Lifestyle Ledger, an EHR and a communication tool centralizes client information allowing caregivers quick access to see client needs and changing conditions. The Lifestyle Ledger is a proven tool and a great answer to assist in lengthening your client’s stay.


Increase Profitability

Does your organization have issues with “Service Creep”, billing omissions and let’s not forget inefficiencies? Joyful, Inc. believes in your organization making a profit. For one organization using the Lifestyle Ledger, it exposed a 25-30% loss of revenue. The organization’s owner commented, ”The Lifestyle Ledger acts like a surveillance camera in your paper work and no company should be without it.” Owners and operators using this tool discover communication breakdowns and learn facility strengths and weaknesses. What might the Lifestyle Ledger reveal about your organization?

Optimize Client Service & Care

The economy, the competition, state & federal regulations, cost containment, and workforce availability are just some of the challenges facing operators daily. What challenges face your organization? Don’t let these challenges steal the attention from your number one priority, the customer. Joyful Inc. understands your clients are unique with their own individual cares, conditions and lifestyles. The Lifestyle Ledger is designed to keep the focus on your client. Whether your organization is looking to maintain a stellar service and care reputation, or improve its’ reputation to stay in the ballgame, the Lifestyle Ledger is the perfect solution.

Managing Staff

Is staff performance meeting your organization’s standards? Does your staff know what to do and how to do it? Are you utilizing your staff correctly? What is your percentage of staff turnover? The Lifestyle Ledger is a great communication tool providing direction and motivation while reducing inefficiencies and job burnout. It is a desired training tool for the new caregiver to quickly learn client needs & cares. Equally the Lifestyle Ledger is useful in evaluating performance from the floor aide to the director. The Lifestyle Ledger provides numerous communication channels to access the needed information for staff to effectively and efficiently perform their job. This web based application allows operators, supervisors and RN’s to monitor and supervise anytime from almost anywhere.


Ease of Use

Joyful Inc. recognizes your organization’s business is delivering care and service. We understand how chaotic a day in a community can be. We also believe your staff is hired for their talents and expertise in care vs. computer skills. Accessing or documenting information needs to be straight forward and easy. We made it a priority to design the Lifestyle Ledger to work with hectic schedules and any computer skill level. The Lifestyle Ledger is easy to navigate and caregiver friendly. Regardless if it is a caregiver’s first experience using a computer or if they have years of experience both will appreciate the Lifestyle Ledger’s ease of use.

Commitment to Service

We want to provide you with a software product that assists in providing excellent service and care to your community. On the same note, we want to deliver the same level of service to our customer. We are committed to service.