Activities are HUGE in the well-being and the lives of your client. There are many great resources for activity ideas that an organization can subscribe to; however, I believe there is no better resource than following the events and news that the world and our local communities can provide. Too often residents associate moving in to a community as the day they lost their association with the outside world.

As I write this article, college basketball’s Sweet Sixteen playoff is complete with the final four competing for the title this coming weekend and Monday. Jokesters look forward to pranks to play on April 1. Easter is also celebrated this coming Sunday. The prestigious golf tournament The Masters begins next week. Just recently, the first day of spring and Daylight Savings Time marked our calendars while many enjoyed the fun of March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. This is a short list and I haven’t even addressed local area news and events. What events and news are happening in your part of the world?

Events and news spur great ideas for bulletin boards, coffee hours, newsletters, activities and etc. Activities associated with today’s events and news I believe are essential in keeping your client engaged and connected with today’s world while also providing a sense of purpose and excitement for tomorrow. As today’s events are important so is the past, please remember our clients house great stories, experiences and knowledge – let them share it with your community.

Again, my thanks to you and your staff for all you do in the business of caring.

Be Joyful,
Joy Gorra