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Activities Block?

Activities are HUGE in the well-being and the lives of your client. There are many great resources for activity ideas that an organization can subscribe to; however, I believe there is no better resource than following the events and news that the world and our local communities

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Meeting of the Minds – Dementia Conference

Last year Joyful, Inc. offered a sneak preview of the Lifestyle Ledger at “The Meeting of the Minds” dementia conference sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota Chapter. Little did we know we would be in a sea of green surrounded by want-to-be leprechauns as we enjoyed

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Sumo Oranges

Organizations cannot risk becoming stagnant in today’s competitive market, always a tough task in a challenging economy. Staying current with both your client and in the public eye doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can often be quite simple, like the Sumo orange – say what? The

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Flu Season

The flu season is winding down for the year. If your facility has missed a flu outbreak – congratulations, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. If you have been hit – I feel your pain. I honestly can say the worst period in my

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The Birth of a Foal

Last spring while visiting a friend, I had the opportunity to witness the birth of a foal. At around 10:30 PM, my firnd noticed on a monitor that his pregnant quarter horse mare named Careless was in the throes of labor. We along with two others raced

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