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Lifestyle Ledger Benefits:

The ledger provides the following benefits:

  • Exposes “Service Creep” and billing omissions
  • Measures a facility’s efficiency and productivity
  • Useful in evaluating employee performance from the floor aid to the director
  • Great training tool for new and temporary staff
  • Highlights facility’s strengths and exposes weaknesses and communication breakdowns
  • Helpful with meeting compliance requirements
  • Improves client care and service
  • Promotes facility’s image with client, family and their medical/service providers
  • Improves record accuracy
  • Helps in avoiding medication errors
  • Facilitates client engagement
  • Centralized client information
  • User friendly system
  • Affordable

Lifestyle Ledger Features:

This system comes packed with features such as:

  • Dashboards with overall view of client care and services
  • System access defined by staff roles
  • Calendar scheduling for client events
  • Emergency information and procedures
  • Audit Trail
  • Built-in assessments and supervisory reports
  • Incident reports and one-stop charting
  • Service plans, service scheduling, and service administration record
  • Vitals including parameters, history and graphs
  • Doctor orders, care plans and client procedure instructions
  • Medication & Treatment profiles with electronic MAR
  • EFax options for receiving physician orders and other external documents
  • Event triggered alerts
  • Printed forms and global reports
  • Ability to centrally manage a single location provider or multiple – sites provider
  • Portal guest view option