Organizations cannot risk becoming stagnant in today’s competitive market, always a tough task in a challenging economy. Staying current with both your client and in the public eye doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can often be quite simple, like the Sumo orange – say what?

The Sumo orange made its debut in select US markets last year. This new orange variety is a cross between a California orange and a Satsuma mandarin. Japan first began growing these oranges in the 70’s. Its name pays respect to the country of origin, and in some ways the orange resembles a Sumo wrestler. This orange is easy to peel, typically seedless and sweet tasting. I believe it is the best orange I have ever had, I promise you it won’t disappoint. Crops are currently being grown in California. I was advised last year the only markets available for the Sumo were in select cities and stores in California, New York, and Minnesota. As a Minnesota resident, I was able to discover this orange delight and happy to see its return; however, this season, I put it to work at an assisted living.

The Sumo orange, accompanied with a fact sheet on the orange, was served at dinner as the dessert. It provided great dinner entertainment while giving the residents a good source of vitamin C, foliate, fiber and potassium. It is also low in acid, making it desirable for those with sensitive stomachs. Served unpeeled and on its own little plate allowed the uniqueness of this fruit to be discovered. Most residents were amazed they could peel the orange with ease, if needing assistance; staff would peel it in seconds. It was an enjoyable dining experience.

The orange fan base grew as a basket of Sumos and fact sheets were delivered to a few area medical providers with a thank you for working with the assisted living’s staff and residents. The thank you noted the residents enjoyed the orange and hopefully they too, would enjoy the new variety.

This simple idea worked well in providing resident enjoyment and building provider relations. I believe you would be amazed the great, new & simple ideas your staff can suggest establishing your own unique public image.

If you have not had the pleasure of the Sumo, I encourage you to try this delight. Please note the Sumo’s availability is limited, and if not in your market, coming soon to a store near you!

Again, my thanks to you and your staff for all you do in the business of caring.

Be Joyful,