Take care of your customer and they will take care of you.”

This play on an old adage continues to be relevant, and maybe even more so today. We are in the business of providing care, but are we really taking care of the client? During my 15 years as an assisted living director, I learned my success was determined by keeping clients happy and satisfied while staying attuned to their changing conditions; consequently, keeping the client under my care. This sounds simple enough and definitely nothing new, but with the many day-to-day challenges and concerns facing owners and operators, our #1 priority – the customer, is often overlooked.

In my experience, outcomes resulting in a happy client required discovering client wants and needs, communicating their needed care and services to staff and performing the necessary follow- through. I desired a software application to support this process thus, the Lifestyle Ledger.

The Lifestyle Ledger is more than an electronic health records application, it is also a tool to assist in managing your day-to-day operations. In addition, it is designed to be a real-time communication tool with many benefits contributing to the bottom line and success of the organization. On one hand the goal is a satisfied client; on the other hand, keeping staff effective and efficient while creating job satisfaction is also critical to the organization’s success. The Lifestyle Ledger is the tool to assist with meeting these objectives.

The Lifestyle Ledger assists in creating an environment that is good and joyful.

I would appreciate the opportunity in becoming your software provider.

Be Joyful,
Joy Gorra